Migrating From Lotus Notes to Outlook 2007 and Other Releases Feasible

Lotus Notes, an email program now owned by IBM stores all types of data be it emails, contacts, calendars, notes, to do tasks in NSF file type i.e. Notes Storage Files whereas PST is the proprietary file format of Outlook desktop email client which is a production of Microsoft. Hence, to transfer Notes data into MS Outlook requires the conversion of Lotus Notes (now known as IBM Notes) NSF files into PST form. However, Migrating from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2007 necessitates the exportation of NSF file to UNICODE type of Personal Storage Folder and not ANSI type. For this purpose to be fulfilled an external application is essential, this is because there is no such in-built utility or manual procedure in existence that can do the same.


Why Migrate From Notes to Outlook?


There is no doubt that the online debate as to which email client is better among the two, is a healthy one but never ending. The discussion reveals many hidden features of both of them that result in useful information for users. However, many home based users have felt that Outlook is better than Notes because of the easy interface that it provides and also that its characteristics are not difficult to find out as they are located on the main page.


Though several people may have different lines of thought most home based users as well as many professional users are of the view that though that had migrated to Lotus Notes earlier, they want to go back to Windows Outlook. So, to use the data stored in Notes when migrating from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2007, it gets necessary to bring in bring into play a suitable NSF file to PST converter.


Preference to Move in Outlook 2007


Microsoft Outlook edition 2007 is the most preferred one because it utilizes the latest PST file type i.e. Unicode type, which can be used on any new releases such as version 2010 and also 2013. Versions such as 2003 and lower releases store data in ANSI type that can store files of maximum 2 GB size whereas the file size can exceed up to 20 GB in edition 2007.


Apt Tool for Migrating from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2007 & Live ES


An external third party software application, well recognized as Export Notes can be brought in usage for successful exportation of Notes Storage files into .pst form. However, two conditions shall be taken care of before executing the software and they are:


  • Outlook and Lotus Notes installation is necessary to export into PST
  • Lotus Notes should not be connected with Domino server


What makes the tool remarkable is that data loss does not occur as well as original folder structure is preserved. Together with these features, conversion of encrypted emails is also possible.


Note: Technician and Enterprise edition is required to migrate Notes to Live Exchange Server and not corporate license.

Source: http://www.lotustooutlook.com